Review: Prescription for Love – Zee Monodee


Title: Prescription for Love (Destiny’s Child #1)
Author: Zee Monodee
Genre:  Romance
Release Date: May 19th 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★
Goodread // Amazon

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review


This is the first book I have read by this author, and it was an interesting, enjoyable yet fast read including a forensic pathologist and a doctor.

The story was a tender romance filled with plenty of emotion.
After Margo Nolan was ruined by one man, she has built a wall and plenty of layers around herself for protection.
She is great at her job as a forensic pathologist. Her work is basically her life until she becomes the guardian of 11-year-old Emma.

After moving, Margo Meets her next door hottie Dr Jamie Gillespie whom she discovers later how good he is with children, and how willing he is to help out with Emma… She has loved her since the day she was born.
Margo was used to living by herself, but now she has more responsibility than just herself, and she wants to be a great mum to Emma.


Margo looks like a “cold” tough and complicated character yet tender (due to her past and her occupation that forced her to hide it). It takes her a while to break the ice and come to realise she’s capable of loving; loving her baby girl and falling in love as well.

Jamie is a doctor (he’s younger than Margo) and a mentor to Emma, but he’s also the one that got the skills and qualifications to break through Margo’s walls. How will he be able to do that? it’s up to you to really find out

The storyline is fluent flowing and will have you hooked up on reading till the very last page and so is the style that this story is written in.
Would i recommend it ? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

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Review: Monster in His Eyes Series – J.M Darhower

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Title: Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1)
Author: J.M Darhower
Genre: YA Contemporary, Dark, Erotic Romance,
Release Date: April 27th 2014
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★
Goodread // Amazon


Back to you with a book series I’ve read over a year ago, but worth mentioning. I’ll try to make my review decently short fo the 3 books 🙂

Monster in His Eyes series is a dark, steamy, and engaging mafia series!

She is an 18 year old college student who can’t help but let herself be attracted to a specific Mr Ignazio Vitale. her sixth sense tells her he’s dangerous and someone to stay away from, but her body betrays her every single time.
She is an interesting character. I admit, she frustrated me during some scenes. She’s insecure, immature but a smart one.

Ignazio (or Naz) is older than Karissa, in fact, he is double here age (somewhat around 36 I think). He’s successful, sexy, and powerful. He’s a man who knows who he is and what he wants…and boy oh boy, And he wants Karissa!!
He’s man in control who takes what he wants. He’s broken, ruthless and possessive. We’ll get to see the monster within him begins to come out when Karissa starts caring for him and spending much time together. The man who is always so in control becomes vulnerable in a way he didn’t expect at all.

Both characters, Naz and Karissa, are complex people. People who have known loss and grief.

Happy Reading.

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Review: Invisible – TheWorldofWolves


Title: Invisible – A love story
Author: TheWorldofWolves
Genre: Teen, abuse
Chapters: 66
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★


Hello!! back at it with Wattpad stories.
I like to switch up; one time reading on Kindle, another on Wattpad and life goes on :p

This story right here is a fast enjoyable read, with flowing emotions from every page (took me only half a day to finish it)
What i noticed needing work on in this story is the the flashbacks and transitions from chapter to another, it was a bit jumpy and confusing.

The story talks about rape, your need to scream for help..anybody, and those you thought to be the closest turn their backs on you.

Emma is a young girl that has been raped constantly by her supposed to be step brother.
When it first happened, she did tell her father but sadly, he just brushed it off and blamed her, accusing her with something she’s not: a depressed, Disturbed, attention seeking teenager.. Especially after the death of his first wife (Emma’s mom) and him being engaged to someone new.
Leaving her now ex boyfriend, best friend and school, she moves out for a while and goes to live with her grandfather and little sister.
Upon her return and reuniting with her ex and best friends, secrets start to unveil.

How will those surrounding her come to know what is really happening to Emma? Will anybody help her out? read to find out

The topic discussed within this work is a serious controversial one. the way it is written is brutal and to the point with a somewhat pleasant open ending (?)




When 18-year-old Emma Dawson was raped after her junior year in high school, her entire world fell apart. Especially when her egocentric father didn’t believe a word she said. Her step-brother then gave her an ultimatum, one she couldn’t turn down. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to live through the torture for a long period of time. But now, since her therapist is forcing her to live with her father for the summer, she has no choice.
Live with her stepbrother, allow him to do whatever he wants to her, whenever he wants, or be forced to watch her eight year old sister go through the same torment.
Forced to keep her mouth shut, forced to be raped without any control, she decides to stay silent, to never speak to her family, anyone. Until she runs into one of her old friends, Aiden Carter, a loyal, athletic overachiever. Then, she starts to remember her old world, the world that was taken away from her.
When she faces her past, her secrets fall apart. She has to let go of the fear, listen to her own voice that has been telling her to break open from the beginning. And if she doesn’t, she knows she’ll risk losing the one person who is most important to her:

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Review: Strangers at The Altar – Lacey Wolfe


Title: Strangers at The Altar
Author: Lacey Wolf
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31st 2016
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★
Goodreads // Amazon



Today’s read is a fast and fun standalone! I love the concept of the story

Strangers at The Altar is about two people, Adeline and Isaac, who both signed up for a dating/matching service where they offer an experiment to marry someone they had NEVER met before, and then to stay married for six weeks (and to decide afterwards whether or not to carry on together)

Issac, a drop dead gorgeous, handsome billionaire who is thoughtful and sweet but hid the fact he’s a CEO and a billionaire away from his matched wife wanting her to fall in love with him, not his wealth.

Adeline, beautiful and a gorgeous shy person who loves to paint and just wanted someone to love her for her. She doesn’t know the true identity of Isaac.

I didn’t think I would like this book at first as much, but guess what? I ended up doing the exact opposite. I liked getting to know Isaac and Adeline! I liked how the author put their stories together, and how it showed some insight as to what two strange people would go through trying to know each other.


Have you read this before? what d’you think ?
If you got an offer similar to that of Issac and Adeline, would you go through with it, and why?

Happy reading! 🙂

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Review: Shameless – Martin Lex


Title: Shameless
Author: Marin Lex
Genre: NA, Adult romance,
Release Date: April 26th 2016
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★
Goodreads // Amazon


Howdy guys, guess who made it back?
How are y’all doing? I really missed posting on here…I had constant thoughts of “when will I finish and finally be able to post like I used before?” now that I am free, it feels good to be back 🙂

The book I’m reviewing today has been on my TBR list for ages, and I finally had the heart to read it lol. This is the first novel I have read by Lex Martin and I found it an absolute delight to read. It has a slight touch of angst, full of laughter, sweetness and sexiness 😉

Shameless is a standalone written in dual POV.

After a tragic accident, where Brady loses his brother along with his sister-in-law, he drops everything and travels to Texas to take care of the crisis and all of the other arrangements.
Katherine is broken that two people whom she loves dearly died, leaving her with their baby girl Izzy, until the baby’s only living uncle, Brady, to come and get her.

When Brady shows up, they spend time together settling the farm’s affairs. He’s struggling with keeping everything together for the people he cares about and Katherine is around to rescue his overwhelmed self to deal with everything that needs to be done, and she falls a little more for Brady despite her promise that she wouldn’t. Afterall He’s leaving and she’ll have to move on.  easier said than done, right?

“I’m pretty sure little hearts are popping out of my eyes right now. Here is this hot man, tattoos decorating his rugged arms, muscles tugging at the fabric, asking me about the baby’s binkie while he holds her close to his chest. Hello, ovary explosion.”

Brady is the sexy tattooed tough big guy with a huge and caring heart (that’s not the only huge thing in him if you know what I mean). He’s an artist, but also manages his father’s business.

Kat/Katherine who wears her heart on her sleeve, takes care of everything and everyone.. including a baby raccoon.

Baby Izzy is simply so hard to resist with all her cuteness and baby babbling.

I can’t get over how beautiful this story was. Martin Lex made the characters seem real realistic. This book is great and I would recommend it for anyone that likes a beautiful story of two people finding themselves in one another.


Have you read it before and enjoy it? What are your thoughts?
Do share with me and happy Reading!! 🙂

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