Review: Invisible – TheWorldofWolves



Title: Invisible – A love story
Author: TheWorldofWolves
Genre: Teen, abuse
Chapters: 66
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★




When 18-year-old Emma Dawson was raped after her junior year in high school, her entire world fell apart. Especially when her egocentric father didn’t believe a word she said. Her step-brother then gave her an ultimatum, one she couldn’t turn down. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to live through the torture for a long period of time. But now, since her therapist is forcing her to live with her father for the summer, she has no choice.
Live with her stepbrother, allow him to do whatever he wants to her, whenever he wants, or be forced to watch her eight year old sister go through the same torment.
Forced to keep her mouth shut, forced to be raped without any control, she decides to stay silent, to never speak to her family, anyone. Until she runs into one of her old friends, Aiden Carter, a loyal, athletic overachiever. Then, she starts to remember her old world, the world that was taken away from her.
When she faces her past, her secrets fall apart. She has to let go of the fear, listen to her own voice that has been telling her to break open from the beginning. And if she doesn’t, she knows she’ll risk losing the one person who is most important to her:




Hello!! back at it with Wattpad stories.
I like to switch up; one time reading on Kindle, another on Wattpad and life goes on :p

This story right here is a fast enjoyable read, with flowing emotions from every page (took me only half a day to finish it)
What i noticed needing work on in this story is the the flashbacks and transitions from chapter to another, it was a bit jumpy and confusing.

The story talks about rape, your need to scream for help..anybody, and those you thought to be the closest turn their backs on you.

Emma is a young girl that has been raped constantly by her supposed to be step-brother.
When it first happened, she did tell her father but sadly, he just brushed it off and blamed her, accusing her with something she’s not: a depressed, Disturbed, attention seeking teenager.. Especially after the death of his first wife (Emma’s mom) and him being engaged to someone new.
Leaving her now ex boyfriend, best friend and school, she moves out for a while and goes to live with her grandfather and little sister.
Upon her return and reuniting with her ex and best friends, secrets start to unveil.

How will those surrounding her come to know what is really happening to Emma? Will anybody help her out? read to find out

The topic discussed within this work is a serious controversial one. the way it is written is brutal and to the point with a somewhat pleasant open ending (?)




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