Blogging Break

Hello Everyone, how are you doing? Hope everyone is doing fine.
As anyone else, we have a life outside the blogging community that can be pretty hectic.

Life has caught up with me, having plenty of stuff to do and finish (alongside with reading THOUSAND of books sitting on my TBR list). Therefore, I’m taking a tiny break (probably two weeks or so) just until I’m done with what I’ve got going on.

It didn’t feel right to make scheduled​ posts (mainly because I’m lazy just like that..😅) but I’ll definitely stay around and take a sneak peek whenever I can, commenting and responding to comments.

What are your plans/reading this week?

Have a good time.



2 thoughts on “Blogging Break

  1. I feel you, I’ve been contemplating a mini hiatus myself for a while. Mainly to get catch up on writing all those reviews I need to catch up on and just being able to relax. Enjoy your well deserved break! ❤

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