Review: Letters from an Ex-wife – TheSarcasticBrunette



Title: Letters from an ex wife
Author: Ashlesha (TheSarcasticBrunette)
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 40
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★



When her cheating husband accuses Liza of being a cheater, Liza looses it all. All while knowing her husband’s infidelity, the only hope she held onto was that he would come back to her leaving his cheating ways. When he demands for a divorce, she gives in.
Distraught by his accusations, she leaves the very home she had spent numerous nights waiting for him to come home. But an unfortunate accident lands her in the hospital.
And the only way he would ever know her truth is the box Liza cherishes so much. In the box lie a series of letters she had wrote him.




Today’s story is about betrayal, guilt and jumping into conclusions without hearing what the other person got to say.

An insecure cheating husband who accuses his innocent wife of being a cheater.
Liza (the wife) knew about Jonathan’s infidelity all along but kept her mouth shut. But, when he suddenly demands for divorce, she then knew she lost him months ago but prefered kept holding on those fantasies she built in her head.

She, later on, gets involved in a car accident (but survives, thankfully), and is in a coma for a week.
That’s when Jonathan discovers a box full of letters written to him by Liza, where the truth, her feelings and memories are kept in.

I REALLY wanted to slap Jonathan. I had two clashing sides:

  1. One that still sympathized with him, wishing for his wife Liza to forgive him for the sake of their love
  2. Other side of me was screaming “Once a cheater, always a cheater!! you deserve it!!!!”

Liza‘s love to her husband was beyond words, and despite knowing her husband’s betrayal and having her heart-broken slowly piece by piece, she still chose to believe that one day, he’ll stop and come back to loving her as he did years ago.

Will Liza forgive Jonathan or will she leave and move on starting a new life of her own?

give it a read and enjoy

PS: The story has a sequel that’s still being written (22 chapters available so far, check the author’s page on Wattpad)




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