Movie Review: Voice From The Stone




I just got to finish watching “Voice From the Stone” movie and met me start this review off by saying that this movie isn’t a horror one, but more of a mystery, psychological, supernatural drama.

Voice from the Stone is a haunting and suspenseful romance set in 1950’s.
The film follows Verena (Emilia Clarke) a nurse who roams the Italian countryside nannying and helping emotionally damaged kids back to their mental health.

She’s called to a castle to try to help Jakob (Edward Dring), a young boy who mourns the death of his mother Malvina (Caterina Murino), and has refused to speak ever since her death.

The issue is that Jakob seems to hear the voice of his mother by putting his ear to the quarry stones around the castle walls.
Verena must try to help Jakob, all while dealing with his emotionally distant father Klaus (Martin Csokas),  Alessio, and Lilia who’s an associate of Malvina. Mysterious events take place and questions arise when Verena finds her core beliefs shaken by phenomena she can’t explain.

The ending got me confused, and it took me a few minutes replaying the scenes again and again to actually get it (Won’t spoil it! gotta see it for yourself)

Overall, I did love and enjoy the movie. The cast was on point and so was Emilia’s acting.


Have you seen the movie yet? what do you think about it?
Share with me 🙂



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