Reading slump




Sadly, I won’t be doing any new book reviews as of now due to a reading slump… I’ll more likely be reviewing some books I’ve read long time ago.

Do you happen to find yourself not reading as you used to for day, weeks..and even months?
I have gone through some short-term reading slumps and easily gotten over it. Well, not this one apparently.
I’m in a romance/YA reading slump. That is a “no, not good” for me since that’s what I read and enjoy most of the time (95% if I must admit). This makes me worried if I’m being honest here.



Reading slump, as you may or may not know, is when picking up a book feels like a 60 pound weight. One night/day of no reading turns into weeks since you’ve last read anything. They’re the worst UGH!!!!
It happens to the best and most devoted of us, it seems like you just can’t shake the lack of motivation to read (even if you’re a die-hard bookworm who dreams of having Belle‘s huge library)

After surfing around the internet and reading about others experience, here are some tactics I’ll be trying myself:


  1. Take a break!! Sometimes, all you really need to do is to take a break from the written word.
  2. Switch to a new genre and try a taste of something new.
  3. Goodread is my buddy to check for new titles and ideas that might hook me up.
  4. Re-read an old favorite (oldie but goldie).
  5. Read something short and light.


Have you ever gone through a reading slump? How did you break out of it?

Enjoy your day, and happy reading 🙂



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