Review: Finding Everett – Kimberly Diehl


Title: Finding Everett
Author: Kimberly Diehl
Genre: YA, Teen romance,
Release Date: April 28th, 2014
Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★





Losing any human sense sucks.
But for Everett North, losing his vision at eight years old made his life a living nightmare.
Angry and hurt, his sanctuary became the world he found in music and he shut out the world.
But when a new girl emerges on the scene and attempts breaking through his walls, Everett realizes all bets are off.
So now, it’s up to the girl with a pocket full of dreams to show the boy who gave up that life has plenty of things worth fighting for.
Soon, Everett ends up finding friendship, a little bit of love and most importantly, himself.




So, today’s story is from Wattpad (linked above) and it deserves a full 5 stars because it is THAT awesome!!!!!



The story is well written, and is narrated in the 3rd POV.
It’s about Everett, who lost his sight when he was 8 due to an accident. All hurt and angry at himself and the world, he shuts everyone out until the day Lizzie comes invading his and his family’s lives.

It’s a sweet somewhat heartbreaking story but, shows that there are always hope. Life’s full of ups and downs, and instead of looking at the glass half empty it won’t hurt to look at it half full.. a matter of perspective.

We see how Everett saw things from a gloomy side. His side to be more precise not bothering to check how it not only did affect him, but his family just as well. When a certain brunette named Lizzie entered his life and showed him that, despite his disability, he can still live his life and have fun just as any other human being. She open his eyes (figuratively lol). This simple genuine act of hers, and wanting to see him happy, got the two to become close, aching for each other’s presence.

Give it a read and discover how did manage Lizzie to break Everett’s walls and see past through them.


Happy reading!!





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