Review: Tear Stained Beaches – Courtney Giardina



Title: Tear Stained Beaches
Author: Courtney Giardina
Genre: Contemporary, Chick-lit
Release Date: February 19th 2013
Rating: ★★★☆☆/★★★★★
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Haylie Julian wants nothing more than to put her crumbling marriage back together. Chase used to be a fun-loving, light hearted husband who has lately become an overworked attorney obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder. It isn’t long before Haylie starts waking up next to a man she barely knows. His secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her feeling alone and afraid of what he might be hiding. Ignoring his continuous pleas to just leave well enough alone, she continues to dig for answers and discovers a heartbreaking truth.
Struggling with what she has just learned, Haylie sets off to a quaint little North Carolina beach town to decide if her marriage can survive. It isn’t long after she arrives that her world is once again turned upside down as Chase’s secret stares her right in the face.




This book was about the struggles, the trust and the fidelity in a marriage. It was a quick read, though the whole story and situation in it was too predictable.

The plot is good, I liked how we were given a female who stood up for herself, took the commitment of marriage seriously unlike some books where they would have the woman going back to the cheating partner and endure whatever is thrown in her way.

The book starts out as Haylie and Chase are married (with flashbacks to how they met and got together). Haylie is questioning her marriage, and is almost sure that her husband, Chase, is cheating on her. Clear signs were flashing in her face but remains in denial. She starts investigating just to find the truth staring her in the face.
She heading out of town to think about things, her marriage, her life.. during her time out, she meets and befriends a girl named Meghan. Eventually, Haylie has to confront Chase and make a decision.

Did Haylie forgive Chase? Or is she moving on without him? Well, you have to read the book to find out! 😉

Happy reading!!



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