Review: Fearless (Broken Love #5) – B.B Reid


Title: Fearless (Broken Love #5)
Author: B.B Reid
Genre: Dark romance, Adult contemporary, New adult, Erotic romance
Release Date: April 5th 2016
Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★
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This book is the last from the Broken Love series. The conclusion of Keiran and Lake‘s story!!
Reid ended it perfectly and for that it deserves 5 stars. My questions finally got answered, I got closure, everything’s been tied nicely at the end.

Throughout the characters’ journey, they all learned so many things and felt so many different feelings (I feel it especially for Lake and Keiran).

“You were born among monsters” she lifted my face when I hid in her shoulder “but you were not meant to walk with them”

In this last book, secrets are now unraveled (all those questions and mysteries ever since the first book are answered and make sense).
In this book, the whole crew gathers to solve a huge epic mystery. I had fun with them all; Lake, Kieran (I totally like him now), Keenan, Sheldon, Kennedy, Dash, Willow, Di, Q… (i know I’ve missed others..Sorry).

You finally can see the true strength to Lake, the girl looks badass although she drove me a little cray cray; her feelings say one thing, while her actions say a whole different thing..get a grip woman, will ya?
And Kieran? He’s changing; he wanted to, he did it and proved that he can, I gotta hand it down to him. I think he becomes a bit softer and sweeter (only for Lake), fell in love (which he never thought he could do) and got stronger (feeling proud of him lol he made me want to punch him and break his nose at the very beginning of this series, but i can safely say he redeemed himself).

“I dominated this girl, yet she owned me. Completely. And I wasn’t even sorry for it.”

Finally, I felt like the book was a bit rushed (or maybe that’s just me?) But, the epilogue was ADORABLE.

Have you read this book series before? what do you think?

Happy reading, everyone 🙂

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