Review: Breaking Love (Broken Love #4) – B.B Reid


Title: Breaking Love (Broken Love #4)
Author: B.B Reid
Genre: Dark romance, Adult contemporary, New adult, Erotic romance
Release Date: November 24th 2015
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★
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She’s the girl who got away, but now she’s back…

Four years was all it took.

I told myself I didn’t need friends. I didn’t need family. I sure as fuck didn’t need him.

And you know what?

I was right.

He had been inside of me, coursing through my veins.

So I cut and bled Dash Chambers until I was free.

But the day I returned to Six Forks and was thrown at his feet, I realized I would never forget how it felt to have every inch of him inside me.

…and he’s waiting.

Angel thought if she ran far enough, she’d be free.

What’s mine will always be mine.

This time I do things my way.



Breaking love is not as dark as the previous books.

The story is told in dual POV. Dash and Willow are not as messed up as the other couples in the series.

Willow has disappeared for 4 years. No one know where she is, if she’s okay or anything about her, until the day of Keenan and Sheldon‘s wedding…where she’s thrown from a car.
Willow hides lots of secrets and carries a hatred inside her. She is also not afraid to stand up for herself But, there were moments that I got really frustrated with her.
I was glad to see her and Dash reunited. I enjoyed the flashbacks to when they first met, it gave us some background to their relation.

While Dash is still being crazy possessive, intense and dominant he was not as messed as Keiran and Keenan. He had felt legit love for Willow but, he’s resentful of how she just left back then, with no explanation or anything.
Upon her return he realized the feelings he still have for her, deciding to not let her go again.


“I experienced what it was like to be addicted, and strange enough, I had become addicted to the addiction. There was only one person who could feed my addiction. One girl who I craved more than success or breathing.”



I LOVED that he doesn’t hide his feelings, it’s obvious he wants to protect her when he said he wanted her to stay, and wanted to know the secrets she hides. His actions and decisions are that of someone who’s smart.
I love how all the characters (from the previous books) all return and fight together as a team: Keenan, Sheldon, Lake, Kieran, And adorable little Kennedy (Keenan and Sheldon’s baby girl)

BUUUUUUUUUUUT that ending though..that cliffhanger had me with a wide open mouth!!! what was that??

……to find out in the fifth, and the last final book.




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