Review: Gravity- L. D Cedergreen


Title: Gravity
Author: L.D Cedergreen
Genre: Standalone, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 15th 2014
Rating: ★★★★☆/★★★★★
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Today’s book is a romance with a misleading plot twist I was NOT expecting at all, which can also be counted as a “life lesson”.

I truly did enjoy the story, from the very beginning till the ending. The relationship in the novel dynamics between past and present. There were secrets, Drama and big life decisions. I enjoy angsty and emotional stories (I LIVE for those).


When Gemma finds her husband Ryan in their bed with another woman, she runs! After an accident with a deer, she arrives at her childhood holiday home (or appears to! see, this where the plot twist starts) and is happy to find her childhood’s besty (who also happened to be her first love) Andrew is spending the summer on the lake. Three blissful months passes by and life finally catches up with them. Gemma is forced to face why she ran away in the first place (a long kept secret that could destroy her love for Andrew) and Drew’s real reason for running away from life for a while.


So what will Gemma do? Well I’m definitely not going to tell lol. What happens with Andrew and Ryan? What kind of secrets are there? And How will it all end? it’s your turn to find out.


Share what do you think of this story and happy reading ❤

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