Review: Me Before You – Jojo Moyes


Title: Me Before You (2012)
Author: Jojo Moyes
Genre: Romance, Drama, Adult novel, Realistic fiction, Contemporary
Release Date: December 31st, 2012
Rating:  ★★★★★/★★★★★
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This book is a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!! Deserves 5 stars!

Jojo Moyes is one hell of a brilliant author that I’ve come to love dearly after reading this book.

I’ve come across people refusing to read the sequel “After You” because the first book (MBY) was sad. But, to me, that book is a must to read as well. seeing how many secrets are being revealed that are related to Will Traynor.

Back to “Me Before You”…I admit that the ending got me sobbing even though i tried not to, but those goddamn emotions were too strong. I understand both of Louisa and Will..i truly do and wouldn’t want anyone to be in such a position.

Lou wanting to do her best to save Will, and Will being tired of such a life. I cannot pick sides, but Jojo did a wonderful job portraying their emotions; Love and Pain..

I lost count how many times did i read on and on this book, I know most of their dialogs by heart. My favorite scene was definitely that in the wedding, where Will told Louisa she’s the only reason that makes him get up in the morning…Will is a sweetheart, I’m telling y’all.

I totally recommend to read this book, it’s a MUST TO!!

Did you read it? What are you thoughts on it? Sharing is caring 😉

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