First post!!

Hello, everyone.

Truly, it is my first time trying this book blogging.

I do love to read (after all, that’s how i spend the rest of my day, along with going to the gym. i don’t want to get dumped by one of my book boyfriends. hussssh!!!) and i’d love to post some of my honest reviews. most of the books i read are ebook ones, downloaded and just burring my face into my phone until im done lol (books are expensive, what can i do? sadly, i only own very few physical books which are “Me Before You” and “Lord of the Rings” )

to tell a bit about myself; i’m a goody girl that loves to laugh so much at anything no matter how small it is, in love with animals and species. and let’s not forget Ice cream ( it’s an addiction i dont know how to get ride of nor do i wish to lol)

I love romance (though i’m horrible myself when it comes to performing romance). i found the joy in reading YA, Mafia (second fav), and angst (anything thatmakes you ugly cry and is gut–wrenching, i’m yo gurl)

some of my favorite authors? Cora Reilly, Soraya Naomi, Colleen Hoover, J J McAvoy, Jojo Moyes, J K Rowiling, B B Reid, Tarryn Fisher, Pen Douglas, L D Cedergreen, Carey Heywood, Jay Asher, Elizabeth Chandler…etc

Hope you enjoy my blog and have fun y’all



2 thoughts on “First post!!

  1. Welcome. I hope you get to enjoy your time here. Books are expensive but for book lovers like us, it’s an expense I can live with. I’ll rather buy a new good book than a pair of shoes 😉

    I am hosting a blog party and would like to invite you. Here’s the link

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